Editorial Process

OJS moves submissions to the journal through five steps in the editorial process, which will be managed by one or more of the editors.

  1. Unassigned Queue: Items begin here and are assigned to one or more editors.
  2. Submission Review: Items undergo peer review and editorial decision.
  3. Submission Editing: Items undergo copyediting, layout, and proofreading. The submission is assigned to an issue for publication.
  4. Table of Contents: Items are ordered for publication and are published.

Editorial Roles

(Assigned in Journal Management)

  • Journal Manager: Sets up the journal and staffs editorial roles (can also serve as an Editor and other roles).
  • Editor: Oversees editorial process; can assign submissions to Section Editors to see through Submission Review and Submission Editing; undertakes scheduling of content and publishing of journal.
  • Section Editor: Oversees Submission Review and possibly Submission Editing for assigned submissions.
  • Copyeditor: Works with submissions to improve grammar and clarity, poses questions to author on possible errors, and ensures strict adherence to journal's bibliographic and textual style.
  • Layout Editor: Transforms copyedited submissions into galleys in HTML, PDF, and/or PS files in the proper format for electronic publishing.
  • Proofreader: Reads galleys for typographic and formatting errors.